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Hope Is Our Song CD cover Hope Is Our Song CD - $31.00
New hymns and songs from Aotearoa New Zealand

Published by The New Zealand Hymnbook Trust

27 Tracks



CD includes Words booklet

Sung by Viva Voce, conducted by John Rosser

Organ and piano: Michael Bell

Recorded at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand on 29 July, 3 & 5 August, 2010.

Released February 2011.


Listen to Samples - mp3 format

Click the link below to hear a short extract from these tracks:

4. Peace Be With You (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)

9. Matthew Was A Lonely Man (Colin Gibson/John Gibson)

11. God Of Ages (Jocelyn Marshall/Christopher Marshall)

15. E Te Ariki (Traditional/Wi-Patena Te Pairi)

21. Thank You For The Night (Jenny McLeod)


Full Track Listing:

1. God Bless Our Land (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson) - 2:37

2. Always There’s A Carol (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson) – 2.06

3. Here In The Busy City (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson) – 3:20

4. Peace Be With You (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson) – 2:07

5. From This Holy Time (Marnie Barrell/Barry Brinson) – 1:47

6. Honour The Dead / Hymn For Anzac Day (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson) – 3:54

7. Lord Jesus, Look On This We Do (John Paisley/Colin Gibson) – 3:09

8. Companions, Let Us Pray Together (David Clark, Witi Ihimaera/David Hamilton) – 2:36

9. Matthew Was A Lonely Man (Colin Gibson/John Gibson) – 2:11

10. Let Us Go In Your Peace / Pauatahanui Blessing (Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray) - 0:42

11. God Of Ages (Jocelyn Marshall/Christopher Marshall) – 3:35

12. O God, To You I Cry In Pain (Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray) – 2:29

13. On A Cool And Autumn Dawn (Bill Bennett) – 3:08

14. My Heart Is Leaping / Mary’s Song (Marion Kitchingman/Barry Brinson) – 1:29

15. E Te Ariki (Traditional/Wi-Patena Te Pairi) – 1:30

16. All Will Be Well (William Wallace/Alison Carey) – 1:21

17. Look In Wonder (Shirley Murray/Jim Strathdee) – 2:13

18. Beautiful Presence (Joy Cowley/Barry Brinson) – 3:03

19. God Was In Christ (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson) – 1:33

20. In What Strange Land (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson) – 3:48

21. Thank You For The Night (Jenny McLeod) – 1:47

22. Nothing, Nothing In All Creation / Hope Is Our Song (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson) – 3:32

23. In The Name Of Christ (Colin Gibson) – 3:02

24. Wisdom Far Beyond Our Knowledge (Colin Gibson) – 3:25

25. Christ Ascends To God/A Hymn For Ascension (Marnie Barrell/Barry Brinson) – 3:23

26. Christ Has Changed The World’s Direction / Peacemakers’ Hymn (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson) – 3:11

27. Where The Light Of Easter Day (Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray) – 2:58

Also Available:

Hope Is Our Song cover Hope Is Our Song - Music book. 340pp. Spiral bound. NZ Hymnbook Trust. $31.00.

Reprint now in stock

158 new hymns, carols and songs from Aotearoa NZ.

Featured composers and writers include: Colin Gibson, Shirley Erena Murray, Marnie Barrell, Jillian Bray, Barry Brinson, Bill Bennett, Jocelyn Marshall and Bill Wallace. There is extensive indexing by: theme, church season, type of worship service, scripture reference, composer, title and first line.

The music setting is very clear, with the words of the first verse and refrain shown between the staves. Ideal for choirs, congregations, organists and all who prepare worship services.

Also available:

Alleluia Aotearoa. Music Book $29.00. CD $29.00.

Faith Forever Singing. Music Book $28.00. CD $29.00.

Carol Our Christmas. Music Book $25.00. CD $29.00.


Sing-along CDs from the New Zealand Hymnbook Trust

Do you want to sing contemporary New Zealand hymns in your worship services but don't have an accompanist in your congregation? These new CDs will get you singing.

Singing love CD cover Singing Love: 27 hymns and songs by Colin Gibson $28.00

All items are played by Colin Gibson, Emeritus Professor of English, University of Otago, who is both composer of the tunes and writer of the words.


Singing Faith CD cover Singing Faith: 18 hymns and songs by Shirley Erena Murray $28.00

All items are played by Roy Tankersley, Director of Music, St Andrew’s and St Luke’s Presbyterian churches, Palmerston North.

Music composers include: Colin Gibson, Jillian Bray, Ian Render, David Dell, Nigel Eastgate, Shona Murray

These two ‘sing-along’ compilations released in May 2005 support church and community singing of contemporary words and compositions. The words and tunes of all material are in these NZ Hymnbook Trust music books which are also available from Epworth Books:

  •  Alleluia Aotearoa (AA) published 1993 $29.00
  •  Carol our Christmas (COC) published 1996 $25.00
  •  Faith Forever Singing (FFS) published 2000 $28.00

The CDs:

  •  support the introduction and learning of new tunes

  •  provide new and contemporary words for New Zealand church and community, and

  •   provide stimulus material for prayers/reflections and sermons

The format for each hymn is that the tune is played first, followed by the whole hymn.

We suggest that users of the CDs become familiar with the material and its format before using them in church worship and other occasions.

CD Track lists

The book in which the music appears is shown in brackets after each track

Singing Love - Colin Gibson:

1.       Fancy Noah sailing in the ark (FFS)
2.       For the crowd another busy day (FFS)
3.       For the man and for the woman (AA)
4.       Great ring of light (AA)
5.       He came singing love (AA)
6.       I’m a fishbowl Christian (FFS)
7.       In this familiar place (AA)
8.       Is there no other way than this (AA)
9.       It all depends on where I’m going (FFS)
10.   I’ve never seen an elephant (AA)
11.   Let justice roll down (AA)
12.   Let me be kind to you (FFS)
13.   Lord of all love (AA)
14.   May the anger of Christ be mine (FFS)
15.   Open, open the stable door (COC)
16.   Nothing is lost on the breath of God (FFS)
17.   Spring in the desert (FFS)
18.   Out of such sun and air (AA)
19.   The Lord God walked in paradise (FFS)
20.   There’s straw in the manger (COC)
21.   These hills where the hawk flies lonely (FFS)
22.   The wind blew keen (AA)
23.   This table is the Lord’s (FFS)
24.   To compassion and to justice (FFS)
25.   We are many, we are one (FFS)
26.   Where the road runs out (AA)
27.   With a hoot and a toot (AA)

Singing Faith - Shirley Erena Murray

Note: The first number is for the melody only track. The second is for the whole hymn.

1/2 Christ is alive (AA)
3/4 Come to our land (AA) (FFS)
5/6 Every day (AA)
7/8 Gentle God (AA)
9/10 Loving Spirit (AA)
11/12 Our life has its seasons (AA)
13/14 Small things count (AA)
15/16 Take my gifts (AA)
17/18 Touch the earth lightly (AA)
19/20 Where is the room? (AA)
21/22 Who is my mother? (AA)
23/24 Broken the body
25/26 Dream a Dream (FFS)
27/28 For everyone born (FFS)
29/30 God of the Bible (FFS)
31/32 God speed you on your way (FFS)
33/34 Song of Faith (FFS)
35/36 We are the singers (FFS)

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